The Snare

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A supernatural conspiracy thriller, carved in a modern setting, with a backdrop of archaeological science: the Snare integrates with inadvertent excavation of three ancient tablets by two archaeologists, which unravels staggering ancient diabolical conspiracies behind world undertakings. It is the story of ancient panoramic precise predictions about our world, which has so far constituted our history for the past twenty five centuries; including a countdown to very imminent and most cataclysmic events.

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A brilliant economist from a humble background becomes unwittingly ensnared in a web of a corporate empire’s insidious conspiracies.

Two seasoned archaeologists’ lives are in peril after discovering ancient tablets revealing apocalyptic predictions.

Whilst the economist battle for his soul to save the world from his boss’ diabolical agenda, the archaeologists must warn humanity of imminent devastation the tablets predict, part of which already has been precisely fulfilled.


A Global Pandemic

Suddenly out of nowhere, Earth finds itself in the grip of a terrible plague – the Rigula Virus – which is wiping out millions worldwide, combined with horrific attacks by emboldened terrorist cells and the consequent economic crash.

Corporate Conspiracies

Global Economic Dynamics employs coldblooded machinations through its multinational corporate empire; scheming with powers of economic and financial systems to control nations.

It surreptitiously destabilizes non-cooperating governments through pressure groups, activists and terrorists, while grabbing the advantages of the chaos, masquerading as peace advocate.

An Ancient Apocalyptic Prediction

(Award Winning) An Ancient Apocalyptic Prediction

A set of ancient tablets were excavated, predicting global affairs, part of which have been fulfilled in our history, and inclosing a countdown to imminent and most cataclysmic events, peaking to the end of all human concepts of government.


  1. 4 out of 5

    Dare Samson – Professor of Literary Stylistics

    This is not a run-of-the-mill creation. It is a landmark creation. Every reader is bound to find it emotionally and intellectually edifying. This is my own idea of a great work.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Dr. ‘Goke Adejumo – Consultant Anesthetics

    …it takes you on high velocity race through suspense packed story. It’s like a movie, appearing so real you almost live it!

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An absolute conspiracy thriller, filled with nerve-racking and exciting episodes. A must read for everyone.


Truly amazing and breathtaking journey, delivered in a fantastic way. One of the best books of the year.