America, Europe, Russia and China in Bible Prophecy

In the events preceding the final political battle on this planet and leading to the end of all human concepts of government, the King of the East, China, will rise into a world ‘super power’ status. America, possibly due to a succession of weak leadership, will recline to the background, like current Britain. It will still be a powerful nation, like today’s Russia, but will no longer be the major player in world affairs. The fulfillment of this prediction could possibly be emerging with the conflict-ridden political disharmony now prevalent in American politics. Jesus says, ‘…a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand…’ (Mark.3:24-25). In the meanwhile, China’s Communist Regime, although repressively united, has over recent decades, repackaged their communist ideology into sly and clandestine global strategies for dominance, posing a big challenge to democracy, human rights and freedom.

Is China’s power status mentioned in the Bible? Yes. Will China dominate the world? No. For our information, no one will succeed in dominating or ruling the whole world until Jesus Christ shows up at His Second Coming. The Anti-Christ will attempt it, but will fail to achieve this goal. Here is the summary of events as predicted:

  • China will rise to a superpower with economic, technological and artificial intelligence prowess. But China’s flawed world strategies will weaken their global agenda and push China back into seclusion as before, but still powerful.
  • Europe will rapidly rise into the world dominant superpower, particularly, through the strategies of one man, who will be supernaturally empowered to fulfill a diabolical agenda. Ironically, Europe will achieve this rapidity through an initial partnership with China and the Islamic world. But this relationship will be short lived, and will create enmity between the two continents, with a seething determination for vengeance.
  • This Leader of the Revised Roman Empire is called ‘the King of the North’ according to the Bible (Daniel 11).
  • China and Russia, called the Kings of the East (Ezekiel 38 – Gog and Magog) will form an alliance, with an army of 200 million soldiers, and march against the King of the North, the Anti-Christ, into the valley of Megiddo (The battle of Armageddon), Revelation 16:12; Revelation 9:14-16. This kind of a large army could only come from such a huge population as China.
  • This war is going to be a one day battle and will bring an end to the reign and the life of the Anti-Christ; kill one third of the world’s population, and bring an end to all the world empires and all human concepts of government.
  • Actually, this war will be against Christ, even though the people will believe they are fighting each other. This is God’s strategy to bring them together for His judgment. (Joel 3)
  • Jesus Christ will return to end this war. This will be His Second Coming, during which He will set up His millennial kingdom on this earth.

How can we escape all these catastrophes coming upon the world? That was the purpose of this novel…

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