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The Snare is About

A Global Pandemic

Suddenly out of nowhere, Earth finds itself in the grip of a terrible plague – the Rigula Virus – which is wiping out millions worldwide, combined with horrific attacks by emboldened terrorist cells and the consequent economic crash.

Corporate Conspiracies

Global Economic Dynamics employs coldblooded machinations through its multinational corporate empire; scheming with powers of economic and financial systems to control nations. It surreptitiously destabilizes non-cooperating governments through pressure groups, activists and terrorists, while grabbing the advantages of the chaos, masquerading as peace advocate.

An Ancient Apocalyptic Prediction

A set of ancient tablets were excavated, predicting global affairs, part of which have been fulfilled in our history, and inclosing a countdown to imminent and most cataclysmic events, peaking to the end of all human concepts of government.

David A. Ogunde

Inspiring Novelist

David Ogunde worked in Chief (Dr) Hubert Ogunde’s (his father) Theatre Company as a frontline dancer, actor and performer for many years, where he featured in theatre performances throughout the coast of West Africa, England and other parts of the world. The troupe was the first African troupe to perform at the Llangollen Eisteddfod Festival in Wales in a tent of an audience of over ten thousand people and featured in movies such as the Oblong Box starring Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. It represented Nigeria in performances at the Apollo Theatre, Canada and Madison Square Garden in New York. Apart from having been the Nigerian Theatre household name for over three decades, the company also produced several cinema releases of feature films, hosted and featured in the production of ‘Mister Johnson’ starring Pierce Brosnan in 1990.

David also studied at the National Film and Television School in Buckinghamshire, England; has written published works, produced and directed more than a dozen plays,  some of which have been performed to thousands of audiences. David has worked with multinational companies and successfully led IT projects in over seventeen countries in Europe as well as the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Brazil.

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